Dylan Owens

Young Manteca City Ambassador

Christina Arcos

Miss Manteca
$1,500 scholarship

Molly Dua

Miss Teen Pumpkin Fair
First Runner Up


Young Manteca Competition (Ages 10-12)

Ashlynn Nussbaumer

Miss Teen Manteca

Teen Manteca Competition (Ages 13-15)

Carolina Ortega

Miss Pumpkin Fair
First Runner Up


Gabriel Ortega

Manteca City Ambassador
$1,500 scholarship

Manteca Scholarship Competition (Ages 16-20)

City Titleholders
These are the young men and women who have had the honor of representing the "Family City" of Manteca. In honor of the rich tradition of the Miss Manteca program, we have included the complete list of honorees that predate the MYF competition dating back to 1968.

Pumpkin Fair Titleholders
These are the young men and women who have had the honor of representing one of the most prestigious and iconic events in San Joaquin County, the annual Manteca Pumpkin Fair. The first "Manteca Pumpkin Queen" was crowned in 1975 when the Manteca Jaycee's Club partnered with George Perry & Sons, a local farmer, in order to promote the signature crop as Manteca emerged as the "Pumpkin Capitol of the World." In 1983, leadership of the fair transitioned to the Manteca-Sunrise Kiwanis Club and the pageant was held on the opening night of the fair, right on the main stage. The pageant was cancelled after 1987 and was on hiatus until 1998. The MYF co-founders approached the Kiwanis Club leadership with a proposal to award the 2nd Alternate of the competition each year with the title of "Miss Pumpkin Fair & Ambassador" at each age level. The Kiwanis provided funding for an educational scholarship for each recipient of the title and in 2003 the club increased their donation and since that time the Pumpkin Fair title has been conferred upon the 1st Alternate in each age division.


Nick Pio

Teen Manteca City Ambassador

Danielle Grabowski

Miss Young Manteca